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Week 5 - 1.2.21

Home Learning Week 5 - 1.2.2021

Don't forget I would love to see any work you do by sending me pictures on Class Dojo or adding it to your child's portfolio.


Monday 1.2.21

English - Continuing with our focus story ' What the Ladybird Heard' which you can watch on Youtube or watch me reading it on Class Dojo.

TASK: What do you think that the ladybird would say (because we never hear her talking in the story do we)

Use the sheet and write in the speech bubble what you think she says. (download at the bottom of the page)

REMEMBER : to use your phonics to help when writing. 

If you don't have access to a printer don't worry you can just draw a picture of the ladybird, draw a speech bubble and write in that instead. 


Phonics- Today we are revisiting the sound 'k Think of some things that start with K. How many could you think of? 


Maths- Practise counting and recognising numbers up to 8 follow the link to watch the lesson:

If you would like to print a tens frame to use you can find it in the resources below but don't forget you can draw one too. 


Creative -  Have a go at making a farm animal of your choice using anything in your house. Below are some ideas to get you started.



Tuesday 2.2.21

English -  Today have a go at drawing a wanted poster. A wanted poster is what police use to catch bad guys. In the story Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh were the bad guys for trying to steal the fine prize cow. Can you draw a picture of the terrible twosome and then write what the police want to catch them for, what was their crime. 

(Wanted poster can be found to print below or you can make your own.)



Phonics - Today's sound we are looking at is 'u' Can you write some words with 'u' in. I will start you off.. SUN.

Don't forget to practise all the sounds we have done so far here:

Speed sounds practise -


Reading- Have a go at sounding out and blending to read the words in this interactive sound blending book.


Maths - Have a go at another number 8 lesson with oak academy. You will need some counting objects, numbers 1-8 written on paper to make cards and they say some picture cards but don't worry about these.


Physical Development- Cosmic kids Yoga today is 'On the Farm'

Wednesday 3.2.21

English - In ' What the Ladybird Heard' the two bad guys Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len made a map (see below) to try and help them to steal the fine prize cow. Can you draw a map maybe of your bedroom, your garden or another room in your house. 


Phonics- Today's sound we are revisiting is 'b'

Play 'What's in the fridge? episode 2 with Fred Frog'


Maths- Today we are looking at things that might be 6,7 or 8. Your job is to colour all the things that are 6 one colour, all the things that are 7 a different colour and all the things that are 8 another colour. You can print it from the resources below or I will put it on class dojo so you can have a go on your device.


R.E. -  In our R.E. last week we thought about who a special person is in our life. This week think about a special place. Where is your special place, a place you like the best. This could be your bedroom, your garden or somewhere you like to visit before coronavirus. Draw a picture of your special place and label where it is. 

Thursday 4.2.21

English - Today I would like you to practise writing your name. Write it big, small in different colours you could even make it out of things from your house like the words made below. How many letters have you got in your name Get creative with it and don't forget I would love to see.



Phonics -  Today we are going to practise reading tricky words.

Listen and sing the tricky word song 

Watch the vide to learn the words. 

You could also  make a bingo board and play tricky words bingo like in the picture below or practise writing them too. 


Maths - Can you think of animal that has something that is 8?..... That's right and octopus. Have a go at making an octopus in any way you can. Use paper or if you have an old sock you could make a 'socktopus' like in the picture below. 



See last weeks home learning for some ideas or check out some other ideas below.


Friday 5.2.21

Reading - Today we are going to read ditty 4 ' In the pan' Don't forget to send me a video of you reading, I would love to see it. (I will also put the ditty on Class Dojo or you can download and print it out below)


Understanding the World - Today we are going to find out about animals and their young. In our story 'What the ladybird heard' there are lots of animals but I wonder what their babies are called? Follow the link to watch the lesson to find out.


Fine motor skills - This week have a go at some threading. If you have wool, string or sticks thread some pasta, straws, cheerios, beads. Whatever you have around your house have a go at some threading to practise your fine motor skills (you can every use cardboard with hole in like the picture below. If you don't have access to these things and have some tweezers try using these to move things from one place to another. 



P4C - Today talk about the question: If you had one wish. What would you wish for? You could draw a picture of what you would wish for too.