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Week 11 22/06/20

Week 11

Day 1:

  • Learn this weeks spellings!
  • Have a go at day 1 of phonics - remember to use your home sheets!
  • Today's maths we are going to go back to addition and subtraction word problems, with a re-cap on time! Today's word problem theme is Roald Dahl!
  • Today we are starting Sayeeda the Pirate Princess. Read through the story with an adult! Talk about the story using the speech bubbles on page 5.
  • Have a look at the 'habitats' lesson on BBC bitesize:

Watch the videos of each habitats and have a go at the activities below the videos: design your own habitat, you could come up with an animal to use the habitat too!




Day 2:

  • Practice spellings
  • Complete day 2 of phonics!
  • Today's maths is continuing with the focus on word problems. Today's theme is safari!
  • We are continuing with Sayeeda the Pirate Princess. Re-read the story with an adult and then complete page 6, who said what?, and page 7, the story quiz!




Day 3:

  • Practice spellings
  • No phonics today
  • Today's maths is continuing again with word problems. Today's theme is under the sea!
  • For our writing task today, re-read Sayeeda the Princess Pirate and create your own text map for the story!
  • Have a look at: and see if you can make your own music using jam jars! If you do, I would love to see a video of the music you have made on twitter @MissRustonMPS




Day 4:

  • Practice spellings
  • Complete day 4 of phonics practice
  • Complete day 4 of your maths - today's theme is food!
  • For your Sayeeda task today have a go at 'exploring words together' and learn the song 'when I was one I sucked my thumb'




Day 5:

  • Have a spelling test! 
  • Complete day 5 of phonics practice
  • Complete day 5 of maths - today you have some fairy tale word problems and your friends of 10 challenge!
  • Have a go at the 'fill your treasure chest' task for Sayeeda. Remember your full stops, finger spaces and capital letters (and beautiful handwriting!)
  • Have a go at learning a new skill. This might be baking, making, drawing etc. I'd love to see what you get up to!