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Week Commencing 29.6.20

Hello everyone, another week of home learning.  Hope you are all staying safe and well. 

We would love to see any work you have been doing so keep in touch on twitter. Have a lovely week. 


Reading - 

  • Take part in a tricky words scavenger hunt around your house - Write some tricky words on paper and get an adult to hide them around your house so you can find them or download the set below to play the game
  • Practise reading some CVC tricky words using the word machine. Can you practise writing them too?   


  • Sentence comprehension - Read the sentences about the farm.

Writing - 

  • As our topic is ' Where in the World'. This week we are going to look at somewhere in the world different to where Handa lives in Africa. The Antarctic.
  • Do some research about the Antarctic about this part of the world. The weather, the animals that live there etc. Write 3 interesting facts that you found. (you can use the Antarctic information below if you would like)
  • Write a list of 10 things that you would take to the Antarctic. You can use write your own list in your exercise book or download the sheet below. 

Watch the episode of GO JETTERS to find out more about the polar regions. 

  • Secret words -  write the initial sounds to the pictures in the phoneme frames and then sound out and blend the sounds to find the hidden secret words. 

Maths - 

  • This week we are going to look at sharing. 
  • Watch the Sesame Street episode on sharing. (please ensure children have adult supervision when on YouTube)

  • Watch the video on sharing - 

  • Set up a Teddy bears picnic - use some fruit or other food and share them out between you and the teddy bears. e.g 10 biscuits and 5 teddies - how many will each teddy get?


Understanding the World -

  • Take part in some Polar region science experiments. 

Creative  -


Polar Crafts

Polar Region home learning challenges