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Week commencing 16th March

Home Learning: week commencing 16th March 2020

In the event of school closing due to the covid-19 virus (and for those children who are already at home) weekly activities will be uploaded onto this page for the children to complete in their exercise book which has been sent home this week.



Read your favourite book with your child. Talk about the characters and the main events that happen in the story. Ask your child to tell you the story in their own words.


Mark making

Practice writing your name - this could be just the first sound in your name, your first name or your whole name.



Go on a number hunt round your house. Write down any numbers that you see - encourage your child to have a go at writing the numbers themselves.



Find a simple cake or biscuit recipe and make them with your child. Take photos of the process and you can email them to us! 


Miss Thorp's email -

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Try not to worry about getting all the work done. What is most important is that your child feels happy and not scared with the current situation. Enjoy the time with your child. Play, build, run round the garden, bake, cook, read, watch TV, play hide and seek, build a den, colour, paint, make junk models, talk to your child about what they can see out of different windows in the house, clean their room together, play schools with their teddies, have a bubble bath, watch a film, stay up late and have a sleepover in the lounge, make cinema tickets and popcorn and pretend to go to the cinema at home, plant some flowers or vegetables in the garden or in pots to grow on the windowsill. The list can be endless.