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Week 7 18/05/20

Week 7


Day 1:

  • Learn your new spellings!
  • Complete day 1 of maths - today you are recapping money and counting in 5s. 
  • Complete day 1 of phonics - today you are starting set 3 of RWI! Once you have learnt todays sound use the phonics home sheets to recap on this sound whilst at home!
  • Complete day 1 of writing tasks - these are new writing tasks this week to focus on what we must remember when writing sentences.
  • Using the link below, have a go at the play it! game. Use the game to experiment with different elements of music.



Day 2:

  • Practice your spellings
  • Complete day 2 of maths - today you are using your money knowledge for a shopping trip. If you enjoy this activity you could set up your own shop at home!
  • Complete day 2 of phonics - remember to have a go at the home sheet for the sound!
  • Complete day 2 of writing tasks - remember your beautiful handwriting!



Day 3:

  • Practice your spellings
  • Complete day 3 of maths work. You are continuing with your shopping trips! Don’t forget to tweet or DM me on twitter for any support or to show me your work @MissRustonMPS.
  • Complete day 3 of phonics - the sounds are getting trickier now so try your best and if you’re unsure you can ask for help from an adult! 
  • Complete day 3 of writing tasks. 
  • For the next few days we are going to learn about an artist. Your artist for this week is Andy Warhol. Do you recognise that name? There will be a PowerPoint linked above to see some facts about Andy Warhol and to get an idea of what his art is like! Do you like his art? What would you draw and colour/design just like Andy Warhols? Today I want you to have a think about what you might draw. Underneath I will add a template you can use if you’re stuck for an idea, Remember, Andy uses very bright colours... see how creative you can be with your colours!  For the rest of the week have a go at creating your own piece of art just like Andy Warhols. 

Day 4:

  • Practice your spellings
  • Complete day 4 of maths work 
  • Complete day 4 of phonics (today is review day!)
  • Complete day 4 of writing tasks
  • Continue to complete your Andy Warhol inspired art piece. I would love to see what you come up with on Twitter! 


Day 5:

  • Have a spelling test! Let me know how you do.
  • Complete day 5 of maths work.
  • Complete day 5 of writing tasks,
  • if you haven’t finished your Andy Warhol art, you can finish this off today.
  • if you have finished your art, have a go at learning a new song!