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Living Eggs


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The chicks have had a lovely weekend with Mrs Oates. 

They have grown and some are starting to get their wing feathers! 

We have enjoyed watching them run around the paddling pool. 

Day 4 - Evening

We have 9 chicks hatched altogether and 3 eggs still in the incubator. 1 of the eggs in the incubator is starting to shake so we are hoping it will hatch over night! 

The fluffy chicks are staying at Mrs Oates's house over the weekend. 

Day 4 - Morning

This morning we came in to find 2 more chicks had hatched over night! 

They are keeping warm and fluffing up their feathers. 

We have been very lucky this afternoon and managed to see a chick hatch live!!!


Here are some of our comments  - 


"It was spectacular!" - Ashton 

"It was egg-cellent!" Bailey

"It was amazing!" Milena

"When we saw it hatch, we felt egg-cited!" - Farrah


We are now waiting for the chick to dry and fluff up so that we can put him with his brothers and sisters in the nesting box. 


This morning, Mrs Sharp came in to find 5 fluffy chicks had hatched during the night! 

1 more little chick hatched just before the children came in at 8:40. 

They are now keeping warm in their nest box whilst we wait for the other eggs to hatch. 

Day 2 - Evening

Our first chick was born at 5.45pm! 

It was amazing to watch and I can't wait for the children to, hopefully, see more being hatched tomorrow 


Day 2 - lunchtime

We have been watching our chicks carefully this morning and at about 10:15 we noticed a crack in one of the egg's shells!

We have all had a close look at the crack and some of us have been lucky enough to see the egg shaking. 

We will check at the end of the day to see if there are any more changes. 

Day 1

We have prepared the chick's nest box with newspaper and a sprinkling of sawdust and we are now waiting for the fun to start!

The incubator has to stay at a temperature of 37.7 degrees to keep the eggs nice and warm. 

As we left school tonight we noticed that one of the eggs had developed tiny scratches on the outside of the shell. We are very excited to see what tomorrow brings.