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Week 2 - 11.1.21


Home learning Week commencing 11.1.2021


Monday 11.1.21

English - Last week we started looking at The Very Hungry Caterpillar as part of our Minibeasts topic, we will be continuing work on this.

Draw a picture of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then label different parts of him head, body, legs etc.. Encourage your child to do this phonetically e.g. sound out the word 'head' they might write hed. This is fine.

Phonics -  We have come to the end of new sounds in set 1 Read, Write Inc. so we will be recalling and revisiting sounds to make sure that we are confident with them. Today we are revisiting 'M' (maisie mountain mountain) and 'A' (Around the apple and down the leaf)  Practise saying the sounds m and a. Can you think of things that start with these sounds. Try writing the sounds don't forget to use the rhyme to help you remember and the get ready lines too. They are really important.

m -

a -

Maths - We have been looking at the Number 7. Re-watch the Numberblocks 7 There are 7 days of the week. Learn the days of the week using the song. 

Creative - Make some puppets from the Very Hungry Caterpillar story. 


Tuesday 12.1.21 

English -  Today we are thinking about initial sounds. I would like you to try and write a list of words that start with C - for caterpillar and B- for butterfly. I will start c - cat, b - bus. Try writing the words you think of yourself don't forget to sound out the word and then blend it together.

Phonics -  Today we are revisiting 'S' (Slither down the snake) and 'D (around the dinosaurs bottom, up his neck and down to his feet'  Practise saying the sounds s and d. Can you think of things that start with these sounds. Try writing the sounds don't forget to use the rhyme to help you remember and the get ready lines too. 



Maths - Recap days of the week. Make a paperchain and put the days of the week and put in the correct order. (If you would like a sheet of this to print this can be found at the end however, this can be done just using paper and pens)

Reading - Next have a go at reading these green words. Pause the video for every word. Encourage your child to sound out the letters and then blend together to read the words.

Physical Development - Try some Minibeast cosmic kids yoga today 'Enzo the Bee'


Wednesday 13.1.21

English -  Tell an adult the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in your own words. If you need a reminder here is the link to watch the story again. 

On a piece of paper ask an adult to draw you beginning middle and end. Like the picture below (I will also put this on Class Dojo) Can you then draw what happens at the beginning of the story, the middle of the story and at the end of the story. 

Phonics - Today we are practising our speed sounds


Maths - Today draw what you do on each day of the week. What might you do on a Monday then Tuesday etc. You could set it out like the picture below. (This will be put on class dojo too)

R.E. - Recap the story of Noah's Ark. How many of each animal did he take on his ark? Draw and label a picture of 2 animals that he took on his ark. 


Thursday 14.1.21

English - Draw and write about your favourite part of the Very Hungry Caterpillar story. Tell an adult why is this your favourite part?

Phonics - Practise the tricky word song.  Watch the video and blend the words

Maths - I spy number 7 - Print out the sheet (Under this week's work) or find it on class dojo - Circle all the pictures that represent the number 7.

Brain Breaks- Try the following videos to  have a little brain break. These are some favourite's that we enjoy in class.

Banana, Banana Meatball -

All I eat is Pizza -

Understanding the World - Make a list of all the minibeasts you know. Can you draw a picture of them? Which one is your favourite?


Friday 15.1.21

Reading - Read the following - Ditty 1. Start by practising the speed sounds at the top making sure you recognise what these are. Then sound out and blend together to practise reading the green words. Help your child with recognising the red words. These are words that cannot be sounded out you just have to recognise them (sometimes we call them tricky words) Then Read the ditty story at the bottom of the page. After reading a couple of times ask your child some questions to see if they have understood what they have read. I would love to see soe video's posted to me of your child reading on Class Dojo (I will also post the ditty on Class Dojo)

P4C-  Talk about and discuss the following questions. What would you rather be an ant or a grasshopper? Why? You could then watch the Aesop's fable Did that make you change your mind to the answer?

Fine motor skills  - Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands, commonly in activities like using pencils, scissors, construction with bricks, doing up buttons etc. This weeks fine motor skills it to find a piece of clothing with buttons on and have a go at opening and then re-doing up the buttons.

Shape, Space and Measure - Make a shape monster. Can you draw or cut out and make a shape monster like in the picture below? Tell an adult the names of the different shapes you have used.