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Our Curriculum

At Marshlands, we have been building our curriculum over the past six years and will continue to build it into the future.


Every topic starts with a 'Topic Launch' which the pupils call a WOW Day. Classrooms are transformed, exciting activities are planned and the pupils are hooked into their new topic. In the past, pupils have solved crimes, critiqued film trailers, taken part in treasure hunts around the school, designed and created huge pieces of art and even used raw materials to build shelters.


Once the pupils are hooked into their topics, teachers plan units of work that incorporate all subjects, making meaningful links to ensure that learning is purposeful but also following the interests of the pupils, adapting the topic as necessary to make sure that everyone is interested and engaged.


Towards the end of a term, after a lot of learning, we begin to prepare for our Enterprise Evening. Pupils are encouraged to develop products to sell that link to their topic. This involves D&T activities as well as English and Maths as children decide how they will promote their products and work out appropriate prices so that they can make a profit. Rather than the funds going back into school, each class has their own enterprise account which they can use throughout the year to buy whatever they want! In the past, classes have bought in special events from outside companies, been on a theme park trip (almost completely paid for from profits!), enjoyed meals out and last year's leavers were able to buy hoodies to commemorate their time at Marshlands.


Our teachers work really hard to design each topic to meet the needs of our pupils. They evaluate every topic they teach, thinking about how to make it better as they are teaching it or for future pupils.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly


Please look at the class pages to find out what topics our pupils are learning about!